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Mark's not sure how much longer he can bear this by himself. So many opportunities he'd had in childhood to ask his father about the pictures and the medals...and he hadn't. He'd let it pass him by so now the story of his grandfather was his to carry on alone. He can see, from the letters exchanged by both parties that there was obvious affection there. His grandfather and the king had been friends. And not just fair weather friends, but real ones, two people who really got each other and took a great deal of delight from each other's company.

As he pulls on his shoes to head out the door for yet another interview, another person asking him about his feelings on the movie, Mark can't help but wish that his grandfather was here to see all of this. Better yet, to speak for himself. He'd never had the chance to meet Lionel Logue. Never had the opportunity to sit on his knee like all grandchildren did with their grandfathers. He'd never had the chance to ask him about what it was like to be speech therapist to a king.

There was a hole in his heart, one that would never really be healed. All he had were questions and while some of them were able to be answered, many of them weren't. And he mourned for that. He grieved for the knowledge he would never be granted in this life.

At times like these, his grandfather's story felt like an immense burden to Mark. But he knew that it was important. And it was his responsibility to see that it was told. So he would climb in his car. He would grant every interview asked of him. Because he felt like he owed to to Lionel. And to Bertie, in a smaller sense.

Squaring his shoulders to face the world, Mark looks once more at his desk. The autographed pictures sit there and as he looks at the signature of a man who rose up to conquer his fears and serve his country, Mark only hopes that he will have half as much courage to be strong and carry on.

"Saturday Night"


 Dear Fro,

We have had many good times over the past few years. You feed me whatever the heck you want and most of the time, I really love you for it. But last night/EARLY this morning is NOT one of those times. Here are some rules to remember:

1. When drinking beverages, please stick to water. 2 glasses of chocolate milk and 4 cans of Vanilla Coke is NOT okay.

2. Food is good. But French Onion dip with Fritos, half of a 3 Meat Pizza, and most of a pint of Ben and Jerry's Carmel Sutra ice cream (consumed around 2 o'clock in the morning) is NOT okay either.

3. Please, for the love of GOD, GO TO BED AT A REASONABLE HOUR. 4 o'clock isn't doing either of us any favors.

If at any time you are tempted, while your parents are away, to go on a splurge again, do NOT get a shopping cart. In fact, don't even get a basket. Only buy what you can carry and then we won't be in a mess like this again. You feel like crap, and frankly, so do I. We're not doing this again, bb. Srsly.

Your Stomach
Behold... My Future
  I will marry David Wenham.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Ireland in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 2 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Blue Ford Thunderbird.
  I will spend my days as a Musician, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Crackfic! Ahoy!

Okay...this little piece of fic was inspired by melisus's AMAZING Halloween drawing with the Beatles in Star Fleet Uniforms. I was then promised she would draw George and Spock with Dueling Lyres if I would make fic. So here it be.

Title: Act Naturally
Fandoms: Star Trek and the Beatles
Characters: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Spock and Captain Kirk
Rating: PG
Summary: Ringo wonders what George is smoking.

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Highland Fling-Ficlet for Starfellt HQ

Montgomery Scott was a man who liked machines but even he liked to get away from them every once and a while and the new holodeck technology was amazing. He'd already visited a few different planets and cultures but a twinge of homesickness was striking him so he decided that it would be best to go with something simple. Today, he was going to Scotland. And not just any Scotland mind you, but back to the era of Bonny Prince Charlie.

He was already dressed in his family kilt and though he got a few curious glances from his shipmates, most of the women seemed to be rather appreciative of his garb and he wondered if he could get the captain to allow him to wear his kilt on duty occasionally.

The computer informed him that his program was ready and Scotty walked into the holodeck...

...into the middle of a barroom brawl. Men were throwing punches and a few broadswords were beginning to be brought out. Quickly dodging his way through the melee, Scotty was able to make it to the wooden bar where the harried tavern master was shrieking curses at the fighers. A young woman was taking the drinks out and upon one of her return trips, a man grabbed her.

"What's a fine lass such as yerself doing here, mah sweet?" he leered at her. She tried to tug her arm free but the man wouldn't let go and Scotty felt his ire coming to the fore.

"I'm helping mah da." she replied, still struggling to get free.

"Why don' ye help me instead?" he said, trying to tug her closer to him. His companions were laughing and Scotty found himself marching forward.

"Let her go." he growled.

"And who might ye be?" the drunk inquired.

Scotty thrust his chin up. "Montgomery Scott. I would say tis a pleasure...but I'm not a lyin' sort."

A hush came over the crowd and the man released the girl, who scurried back behind the bar. "This is none o' yer concern, Scott."

"It is mah concern when a man doesna treat a lady wi' tha respect due her." Scotty replied, his gaze as hard as stone.

The combatant looked like he was considering making a grab for his sword, but something in Scotty's gaze warned him that he wouldn't come off the victor in this fight and he sat back down with a huff. "Yer welcome to her." he spat. "Nothin' but a cheap whore anyway."

Before he could stop himself, Scotty had balled up his fist and delivered a beautiful left cross to the man's face. He went down, but no one came to his aid.

Shaking his head, Scotty turned to see the girl watching him with a more than slightly adoring gaze. "Yer a brave man, Montgomery Scott. Not many men would be willin' to stand up to Roger McGee." she said.

"A lady is a lady...no matter where she earns her keep."

This earned him a glorious smile and when, after he'd been treated to a few drinks and she tugged on his hand, Scotty thought to himself hazily that he was going to have to give Riley a few extra credits for this holonovel...

Getting Down...GQ style

Me and Daniel. Dancing. Good times.